About Us

My name is Dursun Alpan. I am a qualified chef and also the brains behind Siyez. I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey.

I have loved to cook for as long as I can remember. As a child, I learnt to cook from my mother who would use the ‘siyez’ wheat that my grandfather grew on his farm in a village along the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Since graduating from my commercial cookery course, I have worked for numerous well known Adelaide cafes and restaurants. I am now the resident chef of Istanbul Lounge, located at 318 Magill Road, Kensington Park, South Australia.

Food is my passion and I thrive on sharing my love of food with the people of Adelaide. Many of my creations reflect my Turkish identity, however I also adore fusing different influences and traditions to create new and unique dishes.

My wife Gulsum is the other force behind Siyez. She is the Taste Tester, Personal Trainer, Urban Designer and my pillar of strength.

The origins of ‘siyez’

Siyez wheat, which has a history of ten thousand years in Anatolia in Turkey, is accepted as the ancestor of today’s wheat.

As a child, I bore witness to the importance of siyez wheat which my grandfather produced and mother used to make an array of foods to include gozleme, baklava, pide, borek and more. This ultimately inspired me to become a chef and establish my catering business where wheat is one of the main ingredients I use. 

Only the Finest Ingredients

All our products are made with carefully selected ingredients to guarantee the exquisite taste that makes Siyez products so incredibly delicious.

Grandma’s Recipes

Some of our dishes are based on the same recipes used by my grandmother back in Turkey!

Handcrafted Baked Goods

Siyez products are carefully crafted by hand and contain the most important ingredient of all – love!

Online orders can be made 24/7

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318 Magill Road
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Wednesday – Friday: 8:00 am – 3 pm
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